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RUCKUS® i100 IoT Module
The i100 IoT module provides IoT functionality to RUCKUS AP

RUCKUS® i100 IoT Module

CommScope RUCKUS Products
RUCKUS IoT Module, Zigbee, BLE.
Our Price: $225.00

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Organizations seeking to deploy IoT solutions face a complex, fragmented ecosystem of standards, devices and services that often slows or stalls enterprise IoT deployments.

To encourage adoption, enterprise IoT solution vendors develop verticallyintegrated, proprietary infrastructure silos that often address only a single problem but that do not readily integrate with other silos—and offer limited opportunity for infrastructure reuse. The net result is that even successful IoT deployments require redundant network infrastructure, additional security apparatus and extensive integration services.

The RUCKUS IoT Suite is a collection of network hardware and software infrastructure components that enable organizations to build a secure IoT access network that addresses these issues. The RUCKUS IoT Suite consolidates multiple physical-layer IoT networks into a single network—enabling organizations to more quickly realize benefits from IoT investments.

The i100 IoT module provides IoT functionality to RUCKUS AP.

  • Integrates with existing RUCKUS APs
  • Supports Zigbee and Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Eliminates the need for redundant overlay IoT Networks

RUCKUS pre-WiFi 6 Access Points that have a USB Port can use the i100 module to add IoT functionality to the existing Wi-fi network.

The i100 provides Bluetooth and Zigbee radio capabilities, integrates with the existing RUCKUS AP via a USB connections. IoT traffic is directed to the IoT Controller which provides visiability, management, and configuration capabilities as well as north bound APIs to cloud based, device specific tools and services.

Through the i100 module, we are able to enforce network security and policy for attaching IoT devices as well as securing IoT traffic over the network and to the cloud.



Reduce infrastructure spend and connect Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints with a single multi-standard wireless access network.


Security between each IoT Suite component protects data in transit and guards against physical attacks.


AES over-the-air encryption, SSL-secured MQTT traffic and HTTPS REST API communication protect the IoT access network.


Connect Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints quickly with the RUCKUS® IoT Controller.


Connect an IoT module to existing IoTready APs to quickly upgrade the WLAN to support BLE, Zigbee 3.0, iBeacon and Eddystone-based IoT endpoints.


Product Classification
Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type IoT module
Product Brand RUCKUS®
General Specifications
Interfaces 12 (Bluetooth® Low Energy) | 25 (Zigbee) | USB 2.0
IoT Protocol Bluetooth® Low Energy | Eddystone (software configurable) | Zigbee 3.0 | iBeacon
Memory 1 MB (Flash) | 256 KB (RAM)
Height 8.25 mm | 0.325 in
Width 47.83 mm | 1.883 in
Depth 18 mm | 0.709 in
Electrical Specifications
Output Power, maximum 16.5 W dBm
Operating Current at Voltage, maximum -100 mA @ 5 Vdc
Power Consumption, maximum 500 mW
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Standards Compliance ETSI | FCC
Packaging and Weights
Weight, net 85 g | 0.187 lb


Download the RUCKUS I100 Product Specifications (PDF).

Download the RUCKUS IoT Suite Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

CommScope RUCKUS Products
RUCKUS IoT Module, Zigbee, BLE.
Our Price: $225.00